Hirers must be sure to follow the Innovation Trail, which forms a trail of innovative equipment for visitors to check out as they make their way around the exhibition.
All exhibitors will be invited to nominate a new product, or products, to be considered for inclusion. Candidates must have been launched since the 2020 Show ended, be available for visitors to inspect on the supplier’s stand as commercially available rather than being prototypes, and they must show genuine innovation in meeting the specific needs of hirers and end users.
An independent panel of hirers will assess the submissions and chose products for the Innovation Trail.

Each chosen “Innovation Trail – Live!” supplier will be given a dedicated 10-minute slot to present and explain their product, and to talk the audience through its innovative qualities, with the individual sessions held hourly during the two days of the Show.
Our host of the Innovation Trail – Live will interview each company’s representative ‘live’ on stage and discuss their product’s innovative qualities.
Throughout the exhibition, each selected product will be highlighted by an eye-catching “Innovation Trail” floor tile strategically placed by the appropriate stand, so hirers can’t miss them.